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Award Categories


Elevate her achievements by nominating her for the esteemed Baton Award, underscoring the significance of recognition and acknowledgment.

The act of nominating individuals for awards holds substantial importance in acknowledging exceptional women. By putting forth nominations for The Baton Awards, we illuminate the remarkable accomplishments of these women, serving to inspire others and cultivate a broader recognition of their contributions. This recognition holds critical value, particularly for underrepresented groups, as it can serve as a catalyst for unlocking new opportunities, forging partnerships, and fostering collaborations.

Professional Services Award

The Professional Services Award honours remarkable women who excel in various professional services industries such as finance, law, economics, and more. This award celebrates outstanding individuals who deserve recognition for their expertise in and exceptional contributions to their respective fields. It acknowledges women who support and empower others through network and/or community initiatives focused on diversity, equality, equity, and inclusion, driving positive change within their industries for women, young people, and other marginalised groups.

Sportswoman Award

The Sportswoman of the Year Award celebrates inspirational women who have excelled in the world of sport. This prestigious accolade recognises athletes, coaches, sports founders, and community sports leaders who inspire others, break down barriers, transform lives, and serve as role models across all areas of sport,
regardless of their roles or abilities.

STEM Award

The STEM Award honors exceptional women who lead the way in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields, both in technical and non-technical roles. This award acknowledges their outstanding contributions and recognises them as role models in their respective spheres of influence, whether at work, in the community, or within their networks. These women are change-makers, driving innovation and inspiring others.

The Victoria Joseph Services to Education Award

The Services to Education Award celebrates women who have made a profound impact on the lives of others through their work in education. Education is pivotal and touches everyone through various stages of their life, from the early years of education to adult learning and development. This prestigious honor recognises educators who go above and beyond to instill knowledge, empower individuals, and shape future leaders and change-makers; whether through teaching, founding educational initiatives, serving on education boards, or breaking new ground. These remarkable women champion excellence in education, and they are an inspiration to us all.

Thought Leader Award

The Thought Leader Award recognises individuals who exemplify strategic thinking and push the boundaries in their respective fields, driving meaningful change. These thought leaders play pivotal roles in organisational and, or community initiatives, shaping policies and driving strategic outcomes. Their expertise and influential viewpoints are highly sought after and valued. Whether experienced professionals or emerging voices, they make a significant difference, inspiring and guiding others.

Excellence in Media Award

The Excellence in Media Award celebrates the remarkable contributions of women who are journalists, producers, writers, and advertising experts involved in
film, TV, publications, public relations, and various other media related fields. These women use their platforms to tell important stories and raise awareness about
important issues. This award recognises women who have made a significant impact and driven meaningful change through their involvement and work in the media
industry. They break down barriers and bring about diversity and inclusion in spaces where women are under-represented, and they do so with grace, excellence, tenacity, and without apology.

Paulette Wilson Campaigner of the Year Award

The Campaigner of the Year Award acknowledges extraordinary women who campaign tirelessly and demonstrate unwavering determination and commitment to
driving essential change: a voice for the voiceless. These fearless women are advocates, activists, and leaders who stand up against injustice, champion equality, and strive to hold those in power accountable at a local community, regional, or national levels. They are true community champions! With grace, humility, resolute dedication, and indomitable spirit, these women inspire communities and lead the way toward a more just and equitable society.

Third Sector Award

The Third Sector Award recognises exceptional women who have made outstanding contributions within the non-profit and charitable sectors. They are volunteers, donors, and advocates who are working to make the world a better place. These dedicated women demonstrate unwavering commitment, passion, and innovation in addressing societal challenges and making a positive difference in the lives of others.

Entrepreneur Award

The Entrepreneur of the Year Award commends visionary women who forge their own path on the entrepreneurial journey and create their own route to success. These exceptional women, whether in non-profits, consultancies, agencies, small-, medium-, or large-scale businesses, social enterprises, charities, or other ventures,
demonstrate exceptional leadership, strength, and innovation, creating jobs and opportunities for others. This award also recognises their range of skills and achievements: breaking into unchartered territories, identifying gaps in new and existing markets where there is a lack of representation, and diversity and excelling in their respective industries, while empowering and serving their target audience. They epitomise determination, expertise, and the spirit of entrepreneurship. They are courageous risk-takers! And may even be the first in their field, family, or community to be an entrepreneur, regardless of age and the challenges, go out on their own to achieve their entrepreneurial dream.

Creative Industry Award

The Creative Industry Award celebrates the remarkable talents, innovation, and creative contributions of women in various disciplines within the creative industry, such as architecture, art, crafts, design, fashion, film, music, performing arts, and more. This award acknowledges women of colour from diverse ethnic groups who have made significant contributions and impact through their creativity and expertise in fields including but not limited to; the arts, fashion, makeup, stage/film-set design, and more.

Political Figure Award

The Political Figure of the Year Award recognises women who have emerged as change-makers in the political arena. These exceptional individuals amplify the voices of others on political matters that deeply resonate with them and the community they serve and stand to represent. This award encompasses a broad range of political areas where action at a local, regional, or national level is crucial. This award is not limited to figures who are elected officials, but includes those who push for change, speak truth to power and – with or without titles -serve to make an impact on matters that help others, including holding elected officials, local authorities, and other institutions to account.

Lord Hastings Integrity Award

The Lord Hastings Integrity Award pays tribute to extraordinary women who embody an unwavering commitment to doing what is right and leading with integrity in all aspects of their lives. These individuals consistently demonstrate honesty, strong moral and ethical principles, building trust and inspiring trust in others. Through their actions and character, they set a shining example of integrity encouraging others to prioritise these values in their endeavours.

Against All Odds Award

The Against All Odds Award shines a light on exceptional women who have triumphed over adversity and in some cases, faced unimaginable challenges. These resilient women demonstrate extraordinary determination, strength, and perseverance, defying the odds to achieve their goals. Their inner strength, fortitude and courage is outstanding and highly admirable. Their stories inspire and uplift, serving as a testament to the indomitable human spirit and the power of resilience in the face of adversity.

Emergency Services Awards

The Emergency Services Award celebrates the courageous women who serve on the front lines and in vital support roles, responding to crises with unwavering dedication and compassion. From paramedics, firefighters, and police officers to dispatchers and support staff, these exceptional individuals exemplify bravery and selflessness in the face of sometimes extreme challenges. Whether directly saving lives in high-pressure situations or providing essential support behind the scenes, they make invaluable contributions to public safety and well-being. Their actions, whether administering life-saving medical care or offering comfort and reassurance in moments of crisis, embody the true spirit of heroism and inspire us all.