2020 Baton Winners, Highly Commended & Finalists

Third Sector of The Year 2020

Veronica Martin

Third Sector Winner

Tracey Ford

Third Sector Highly Commended

Dr Leanne Armitage

Third Sector Finalist

Campaigner of The Year 2020

Nichole McGill-Higgins

Campaigner Winner

Sharon Lo

Campaigner Finalist

SueHee Park

Campaigner Highly Commended

Entrepreneur of The Year 2020

Natalie Taylor

Entrepreneur Highly Commended

Maureen Mbondiah

Entrepreneur Winner

Naomi Louise McLean

Entrepreneur Finalist

Political Figure of The Year 2020

Cllr Sharon Thompson

Political Winner

Lorraine Eyers

Political Finalist

Sanchia Alasia

Political Highly Commended

Creative Industry of The Year 2020

Taslima Khan

Creative Highly Commended

Bolanie Tajudeen

Creative Winner

Zarine Murray

Creative Finalist

Sports Woman of The Year 2020

Samera Ashraf

Sports Woman Finalist

Viveen Taylor

Sports Woman Winner

Ramla Ali

Sports Woman Finalist

STEM Trailblazer of The Year 2020

Krystina Pearson-Rampeearee

STEM Trailblazer Winner

Anna Boateng

STEM Trailblazer Finalist

Chrisma Jain

STEM Trailblazer Highly Commended

Excellence in Media of The Year 2020

Ayshah Tull

Excellence in Media Winner

Rianna Croxford

Excellence in Media Highly Commended

Nazia Bemath

Media Finalist

Thought Leader of The Year 2020

Dawn Estefan

Thought Leader Winner

Wai Foong Ng

Thought Leader Finalist

Ife Akintobi

Thought Leader Finalist

Professional Services of The Year 2020

Adeife Onwuzulike

Professional Services Finalist

Wura Obisesan

Professional Services Finalist

Dionne Aiken

Professional Services Winner

Services to Education of The Year 2020

Victoria Griffith

Services to Education Winner

Kamara Gray

Services to Education Finalist

Molly Okolonji

Services to Education Finalist

Lord Hastings Integrity Award of The Year 2020

Dr Ruth Oshikanlu MBE

Lord Hastings Integrity Award Winner

Pamela Franklin

Lord Hastings Integrity Award Highly Commended

Shanea Oldham

Lord Hastings Integrity Award

Special Founder’s Award – Against All Odds of The Year 2020

Carole Pyke

Special Founders Award – Against All Odds  Winner

Yvonne Michéle

Special Founders Award – Against All Odds

Kenya Obeng

Special Founders Award – Against All Odd Highly Commended

Recognition Award of The Year 2020 – in honour of nurses & midwives of colour

Chief Nurse & Diversity Champion – Karen Bonner

Special Award in honour of Paulette Wilson – Windrush  Campaigner & Activist Baton Awards 2020

Paulette Wilson

Sunrise 20.03.1956 – Sunset 23.07.2020

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